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Electronics Design

We offer various services in electronic product and circuit design, development, prototype and small scale production, from concept to delivery of PCBs and enclosures. The company has some thirty years experience covering various fields of electronics technology, such as telecommunications, low and medium power (e.g 100 Watts) converters, and embedded systems. Our experience ranges from working with individual industrial designers to multinational electronics companies with thousands of employees.

What We Can Do For You

If you are starting a project from scratch, we would be pleased to provide the services you require, including procurement of parts and manufacture as appropriate. Alternatively, we can contribute to ongoing projects. Either way, we can work with you at our premises or yours, including by the provision of an on-site contract electronics design engineer.

The Design and Development Process

The company works on the principle that sound practice is the best form of risk management. Addressing potential problems at an early stage facilitates a shorter time to market with less expense in the later stages of product development.

Our involvement in your project can include the following stages:-

  • Feasibility study
  • Proposal - Estimate or Quotation
  • Design
  • Testing of design with modelling and/or prototype
  • In-house pre-approval tests to statutory standards and directives (e.g LVD, EMC, telecoms)
  • Procurement of product type approval
  • Manufacture, including generation of documentation and computer files for various manufacture and test stages
  • Project management
  • Sales/commissioning
  • After sales service, including technical help
  • Product maintenance and repair
  • Product life extension
  • Product decommissioning, disposal, recycling, reuse

Tell us what you are aiming to achieve, and we will let you know how we can help.

Technical Capabilities

Include, but not limited to:-

  • Digital - microprocessor and peripherals, FPGA, CPLD.
  • Analogue - AF, video, infra red remote control, crosspoint switching, waveform generators.
  • RF - amps, video and audio IF, filters, synthesised tuners.
  • Power - AC-to-DC, and DC-to-DC converters, PWM power controllers, battery backup (charger/UPS).
  • Comms - Modems, analog telephony, RS232, RS485, low-speed and high-speed serial data.


Previous work has been applied to areas such as:-

  • Various types of terminal equipment such as Prestel terminals, modems (including line powered), Central Alarm Receiving Stations, nurse call systems, Teletext decoders and EFTPOS terminals.
  • An STE-Bus based industrial computer with various input and output modules
  • A low voltage DC lamp dimmer for use in caravans, boats etc.
  • A games machine with real prizes on a turntable and joystick control of a two-axis paddle.